Recruitment Process

Step 1: ACPAC approaches government-approved recruitment agencies to source for workers.

Step 2: The ACPAC management team from overseas will shortlist the suitable candidates from the group of potential workers by putting them through relevant tests such as English and other language tests, colour blind tests, IQ tests, driving tests and practical tests.

Step 3: The ACPAC team from Singapore then flies over to conduct the interviews personally. This enables them to verify the workers’ skills and employment history. The detailed interview session is recorded on video for future reference by potential employers.

Step 4: Potential employers are presented with the video to view and select prospective workers. Through the video, they can assess the workers’ skills, and aptitude.
Step 5: ACPAC will apply for work permits for workers who have been selected. Once we receive their In-Principal Approval from MOM for the work permits, we will prepare a detailed and comprehensive employment contract, outlining the terms and conditions for the salary package. (For most employment agencies, however, only a simple contract is provided.) If the workers are agreeable to the terms and conditions, we will arrange for them to come to Singapore.

Step 6: Workers' accommodation will be arranged before they arrive in Singapore.

Step 7: Upon arrival, workers will be given a comprehensive orientation programme to help them fit into their new environment.

Step 8: Extra courses will be conducted for workers from selective industries. Construction workers will be given Safety Orientation Course (SOC) while drivers will be given the relevant driving tests and lessons.

Step 9: Workers are ready for their new job placement and are sent to their employers to begin their jobs. To avoid future disputes, workers and employers will be briefed together on the terms and conditions as stipulated in the employment contract.